How difficult is it to find a house in London? Not much, but certainly IT is very expensive and requires a number of guarantees to be provided to the homeowner, including a stable job.

However, keep calm and rely on those who have been working in the student housing and rental housing sector in London for over 25 years and represent the cheapest, quality and most flexible solution with dozens and dozens of well-located apartments throughout London.


London is among the most expensive cities in Europe for the average cost of rents and finding a whole or shared apartment on your own usually involves paying two months’ rent before even arriving in London, and you would normally be asked to provide a payslip company you work for to prove you have a stable job in London as an additional guarantee.

DazLondon offers much lower prices than the average and does not ask for further guarantees: 2 weeks rent in advance + 1 week deposit

The deposit (one week’s rent) paid will be refunded upon check out or will be transferred within 48 hours of leaving our accommodation by bank transfer.

In this way it will only take you a few weeks to plan your move to London and you will not need a big budget, we will take care of the rest!


All our residences are located in central London, with many shops and supermarkets nearby and well connected to transport. Typically, the nearest station is a maximum of 10 minutes away.

Often shared houses in London are untidy and with low hygienic conditions as there is no control by the owner of the house, while our residences have constant supervision by our staff which makes the standards of hygiene and order higher than average. that you would find in a shared flat with strangers.

Our accommodations are houses or apartments (from 7 to 18 beds), and all have a fully equipped kitchen that can be used 24 hours a day. Cleaning service 3 times a week. The shared rooms range from 2 to 4 people depending on which type of room you reserve. All our accommodations are equipped with laundry service and Wi-Fi and make perfect places to make friends and practice your English with other people who are having the same experience as you.


Unlike most apartments for rent in London that ask for at least one month’s notice before leaving the accommodation, in our residences you can notify you of your departure up to just one week before your move out.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to move within our network of accommodations located in different areas of London according to your needs if for example you find or change jobs and want to get closer to the area where you work. And your deposit would be transferred. This service is obviously subject to availability, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

Covid-1: NEWS

With the current situation of emergency and instability due to Covid19 we are creating new offers and promotions to facilitate many young people residing in countries that will be most affected by the economic crisis to move to London where a faster recovery is expected due to the current huge vaccination campaign and more opportunities will be available especially for those who looking to find a seasonal or temporary job. In this period of crisis, our flexibility on payment and refund policies will be even greater and prices even lower, to find out more contact us via email at or on Whatsapp.



Single Rooms


Double Rooms


Triple Rooms


Quadruple Rooms



1 week plus 2 weeks in advance as a deposit

The week of deposit can be refunded after a minimum of 4 weeks of stay in our residences and with one week's notice before leaving the house!



Bank Transfer made out to: DAZLONDON LTD, Account number: 63565416, Bank code: 20-76-90, IBAN: GB61BUKB20769063565416 to be made at least 3 working days before your arrival.

Payments accepted on arrival: PayPal, credit card (in these cases the commission applied by Paypal for the EUR – GBP currency exchange will be added) or cash.

The agency provides job interviews in the catering, tourism and hotel sectors. We organize interviews with potential employers and give our members all the necessary information with the aim of achieving a positive outcome.

The most important factors to be successful when having an interview are punctuality, personal motivation and good presence. A trial period may be required: in this case a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of the trial (i.e. how much is paid, when, etc.) is very important.

For more informations please contact our office.

For information regarding the Minimum Wage follow the link: Click HERE

Members are obliged to inform our Employment Consultant about the outcome of the interview (hiring or non-hiring, probation, etc.) to keep the relevant documentation up-to-date and thus be able to provide an impeccable service.

For this and for new interviews it is not necessary to come to the office, you can simply contact us by phone.

Please constantly follow the advice of the staff of the employment office to ensure a good result.

Our English School is recognized by the British Council and is located just minutes from our residences. Our English School prepares you for the different ESOL exam grades (YLE, KET, PET, FCE) and can really improve your spoken English, making your work and social life even more enjoyable. Courses can be organized so as not to interfere with work commitments. Classes are made up of a maximum of 8-10 students each, and the hours are flexible so that you can adapt to your working schedule. All teachers are native speakers and qualified with extensive teaching experience.

In addition to what you will then have to pay upon your arrival at the office (agency fee + 2 weeks of rent in advance + 1 week of rent as a deposit), it is always necessary to have some leftover money, as, as in any other country, in England salaries are paid in arrears. In London, the first salary is usually paid after two weeks of work, or sometimes after a month. This means that you should think about the initial expenses, including transportation and meals, the third week of rent etc. (the first two are included in the amount paid upon arrival. If you purchase a school package, the rent may be covered for longer, depending on the number of weeks of the English course).

All citizens belonging to the European Union can enter the United Kingdom with a tourist visa valid for up to 6 months, or for longer periods with a work permit. English law requires us to keep a copy of the documents (Passport) in our office as proof for those entitled to live and work in the UK.

Our guests are mainly young people under 30 from all over Europe. Respect towards roommates is very important. The agency takes very seriously any violation of the internal rules of the residences and any antisocial behaviour. Those responsible for any infringement will be expelled from the residence and the services offered by the Agency will be suspended.

All guests are requested to report any problems to a member of our staff both in the residences and to the central office.

It is not allowed to have external guests in our residences; for any exceptions, please contact our staff.

Our members are committed to a minimum stay of 4 weeks. However, during this period, you can change from one residence to another without any problems.

If you decide to leave your accommodation with us to look for a new place on your own, provided you have been good tenants, we can provide written references upon request.

Refrigerators are generally located in the rooms, as are the cupboard and wardrobe. Towels are not provided.

In our accommodations, Wifi, dryer and washing machine are always available.

If you arrive late and cannot reach the central office before h. 17.00 from Monday to Friday or at the weekend or even on holidays, we can help you reserving an hotel and then meet you directly at the office on the first available working day.

The United Kingdom is not part of the European Union: an identity document is therefore required for entry (passport: No ID cards).

Transport: the subway is closed between midnight and about 5.00 am, while buses run all night.

A train and several bus services connect the city centre with the airports of Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, London City Airport, while there is a regular bus service to / from Luton airport.

Always take a licensed taxi or cab. On request we can provide book it for you, just let us know by contacting our office.

The beginning of autumn and summer (June-July) are traditionally very busy periods so availability is limited. If you are planning your trip for these times of the year, better to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

If for any reason your application is rejected or you are unable to provide the service, you are entitled to a full refund of the registration fee.

Payment methods available at the Central Office:

  • Pounds (you can exchange euros before you leave).
  • Travellers’ checks (issued by the bank before departure).
  • Credit card. In this case a variable fee can be applied. Daz London uses Paypal which practices the rates indicated on this page: – All Rights Reserved
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